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What You Need to Know about Remote-Access VPNs

If your employees often travel for business, work from home, or use their own personal devices for work, it is important to provide them with a secure, reliable way to connect to your company's computer systems. One way to do this is to use a remote-access virtual private network (VPN). Here is what you need

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How to Remove Personal and Hidden Data in Your Word Documents Before Sharing Them

Electronically sharing documents is common in the business world. For example, companies often email product guides to customers, sales reports to employees, and press releases to the media. To create the documents, many businesses use Microsoft Word. When you create or edit a file in Word, the app automatically adds some personal information to the

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15 Keyboard Shortcuts to Save You Time When Working in Microsoft Word and Excel

Microsoft Word and Excel have been around for a long time, so they have many features, including more than 200 keyboard shortcuts. Using these shortcuts can save you time because you just need to press a combination of keys to perform an action. While trying to remember every single shortcut is impractical, it pays to

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How to Back Up Data Using the File History Feature in Windows 10

There are many ways you can lose files and other valuable data. Your computer might crash or be attacked by malware. Your hard drive might fail. Even dropping a laptop or spilling coffee on it can lead to data loss. Experts recommend that you back up your data locally as well as to an offsite

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How Using E-Signatures Can Help Your Business

Governments around the world recognize electronic signatures (e-signatures) as a legal way to sign a document. For example, e-signatures have the same legal standing as physical signatures in the United States, thanks to the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000. Many people think that e-signatures and digital signatures refer to the

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How to Find Out Basic Information about Your Windows Operating System

Like most people, you probably know the name of your Windows operating system (e.g., Window 10, Windows 8), but do you know the edition, version number, and whether it is a 64- or 32-bit system? Having this information is helpful when you are experiencing a problem and need to discuss it with an IT consultant.

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5 Ways to Protect Your Web Browsing Data Now That ISPs Can Sell It

If you live in the United States and you are using a U.S.-based Internet service provider (ISP), you need to know about an important change made to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules. In April 2017, U.S. lawmakers repealed several FCC rules that would have required ISPs to get customers' consent before selling their web browsing

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What You Need to Know about the Equifax Data Breach

In September 2017, Equifax announced that hackers stole the personal data of 143 million U.S. consumers, making it the biggest data breach in 2017 and the fifth largest breach on record. Here is what you need to know about this massive breach. What Was Stolen During May through July 2017, hackers accessed Equifax's computer systems

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6 Mouse Tricks That Can Save You Time When Working in Your Web Browser

If you are using a Windows computer, your mouse likely has three movable elements on it: a right button, a left button, and a wheel between them. You might already be turning the wheel to scroll up and down a web page, app window (e.g., window in an email app), or file (e.g., PDF file,

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5 Ways to Declutter and Customize Windows 10’s Start Menu

A common complaint about Windows 10's Start menu is that it is cluttered. Both the app list and tile area contain so many items that it is hard to quickly find what you need. The clutter is largely due to redundancy and the extra items that Windows automatically adds to the app list and tile

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