Sergio Orellana
Sergio OrellanaDirector of Cybersecurity

Sergio Orellana is the Director of Cybersecurity and leads the creation and delivery of enterprise-class cybersecurity and compliance solutions.

Mr. Orellana is a breach response expert with over a decade of experience working on large and complex security incidents and investigations.

After graduating from the University of Maryland, Sergio enlisted in the US Navy and was assigned to the National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS). As the Cybersecurity Health Officer at NSA/CSS, Sergio was tasked with investigating complex cybersecurity cases. After serving three years at NSA/CSS, Sergio transferred to San Diego, California where he led two defensive cyber operations teams during their carrier deployment doing afloat network assessments, improving network security, and providing remote remediation support worldwide.

Most recently, Sergio was the Director of Breach Response at Redpoint Cyber, a subsidiary of New York based accounting firm Anchin, where he led multiple, cross-discipline teams supporting clients worldwide that had been impacted by the latest emerging threats in business email compromise (BEC) and ransomware incidents. Sergio created tailored investigative and restoration solutions aligned to their respective industry vertical combined with the operational availability and risk exposure the client required. In this role, Sergio was expected to coordinate with multiple entities such as breach counsel, crisis managers, and client stakeholders leading to repeatable and scalable operational successes.

Sergio has worked with and for the US Navy, large multinational organizations, government agencies, law enforcement, and local businesses to help them detect, investigate, and eradicate cybercriminals and target threat actors from their networks. He is adept at performing digital forensics with geographically dispersed teams and systems and crafting strategies to hunt advanced threat actors in a multitude of environments.